About Us

I.C. Property Maintenance is not just a business, it’s a family

Welcome to I.C. Property Maintenance

My name is James Ingoglia and I’ve been providing property maintenance services for a while now. My passion for bringing people’s visions to life started in childhood when I’d shadow my dad at work, bombarding him with endless questions. I enjoyed helping him and his work ethic is something I’ve carried with me throughout my life.

I’ve provided excellent property maintenance services to multiple owners within Suffolk and surrounding areas. I’m educated in every aspect of landscaping, as well as other trades related to property maintenance. Whether you need your lawn mowed, your shrubs trimmed, or your outdoor lighting installed, I offer year-round property maintenance services in Suffolk.

Why Choose me?


Safety is my number one priority. I take great care to ensure that no one gets hurt while I’m working and for my own protection, I use safety gear to protect myself in the event of minor slip-ups.


I guarantee that all your property maintenance needs will be taken care of properly, efficiently and quickly.

Honest opinion

It’s not just about the paycheck. I’m forthcoming about what need or need not be done and I work with my clients to ensure that they only ever get work that will improve the overall functions and aesthetic of their property.


I’ve been in business for 15 + years. As such, I am well qualified to handle all your property maintenance needs.

Client Focus

Your satisfaction is my number one priority. I work with you to ensure that the end result is something you can be happy with and that I can be proud of.


I take a proactive approach to your landscaping and employ systems to limit wear and tear on your property and reduce long-term costs.